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Mars Chocolate Australia is located in Ballarat, Victoria, and has been making chocolate at this facility since 1979. Our much-loved brands include MARS®, M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, MILKY WAY®, BOUNTY®, TWIX®, MALTESERS®, and PODS®. Our iconic MARS® Bar first arrived in Australia in 1954 and has remained a favourite here ever since. Its success has been followed by many of our other brands and includes our newest, PODS®, which was developed in Australia. The success of our chocolate brands in Australia has been mirrored by Mars other brands in the petcare, gum and food segments. Mars Chocolate Australia is part of Mars Chocolate, one of the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers and employs more than 15,000 people across 110 sites worldwide. To this day, it remains a division of Mars, Incorporated, a family owned company.

Mars products

From our humble beginning in the Tacoma, Washington, home kitchen of Frank C Mars to the global company of today, Mars has always taken great pride in our high standards and iconic products.

We have been a family-owned company for nearly a century and stand behind our products, some of the most famous chocolate brands in the world:

Mars brands in Australia & New Zealand

Since establishing our operations in Ballarat, we have grown to become Australia’s second largest chocolate company, producing eight leading brands at the site: BOUNTY®, MALTESERS®, M&M’S®, MARS®, PODS®, MILKY WAY®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®.

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