Making Chocolate Better

Nutrition information

Nutrition labelling

All of our products use the front of pack labelling system called the Health Star Rating. This means they feature the Be Treatwise symbol and the energy icon on the front of pack to give you more nutrition information about our products.

What is the Health Star Rating (HSR)?

The Health Star Rating is a front-of-pack labelling system that rates the overall nutritional profile of packaged food. Mars Chocolate products all carry an Energy thumbnail on pack to show the energy content per serve of product with a percentage daily intake (DI).

DI is based on the recommended amounts of energy (kilojoules) and other nutrients for the average adult. In Australia and New Zealand, for example, the daily intake for energy is 8700kJ.

What is Be treatwise?

The Be Treatwise symbol appears on all Mars products. It is a gentle reminder that chocolate is a treat and suggests you look before you eat – that is, look at the back of pack for the nutrition information.


Flavanols are naturally occurring compounds found in cocoa and cocoa products that may have a range of circulatory health benefits. Mars scientists are leaders in cocoa flavanol research and have conducted or supported research in this field for many years.

There is a significant body of research internationally on the potential benefits of flavanols.

The process of turning cocoa into chocolate can destroy the naturally occurring flavanols. Mars has developed a manufacturing process called COCOAPRO® that helps to retain these compounds. See Mars Botanical for more information about flavanols and the COCOAPRO® process.

For more information on balanced eating, please visit MARS in your diet